First line of a story I wrote about a ghost who falls in love..

Lightly, my Darling

Archival print on Hahnemuhle

I'd Rather be Swimming

One of my pieces for Salon91's I'd Rather be Swimming group show. It's called Sting.

Wavescape Art Board

Cassandra Leigh and I painted a surfboard for the Wavescape Art Board Project for a charity art auction held in the Hamptons, NY.

Wavescape raised R85,000 from the four surfboards sold. All proceeds go to Isiqalo Foundation and Hoops4hope 

Letter J for Yay Bee Sea

This is a letter J I did for Wolves Cafe's Yay Bee Sea poster exhibition for the month of August.
It's a swamp snakey.

The Edge

This is a piece I did for The Shape Factory. Every week an artist gets given a shape, I got a hexagon. For more information please go to :

RVCA Guitar Show


You & Me

You & Me is an engraving and gold leaf piece on found wood for Salon91's If you let yourself love a wild thing. It is a great show for a great cause where a tree will be planted for every work sold.

Bat T-Shirt for Wolves

Images : we-are-awesome and luckypony

Skål- Artist Edition Glassware

Myself and Dani Loureiro have been working on this exciting project. Together with 6 other artists we've created illlustrated glassware inspired by Norse mythology. Artists involved are Kronk, Jean de Wet, Jade Klara, Dani Loureiro, Simon Berndt, Cassandra Johnson, Studio Muti and Ben Johnston. They will be available for purchase at a store is good and Royale.


Black Winter Collection




Winter Wonderland Exhibition at Salon 91 Gallery

I'm so excited to be a part of this exhibition opening on July 13th at Salon 91 Gallery.
Some of my favourite artist are involved. I will be posting my work for the show shortly.
Artwork: Candice Ježek Typography : Jordan Metcalf

2 Years Later - Skateboard Exhibition

Skateboard I did for an exhibition at Yours Truly. On the right is a board done by Sam Rulz.
Image courtesy of Gavin Haywood


I'm so excited to be a part of RVCa's Artist Network Program. Other South African artists include Senyol, Freddy Sam, Faith 47, Daniel Ting Chong, Jaco Haasbroek, Dave Chaston, Jean de Wet, Manuela Gray and Greg Darroll.

BAT Poster

The BAT poster is an A1 screenprint. 
This is a story about a bat that loves to sing. Below is the story : 

I want your Munny

My munny for Kidrobot and Toitoy's I want your Munny show.


She + Him

T shirt illustrations for She + Him, a project by Andrew Berry and Margot Molyneux

La Llorona

The Wooing and Booing of Cassandra

Ink on acid free paper, 2010

New piece for GUTEN TAG show at A WORD OF ART GALLERY

Cassandra was a pretty girl,
with pale skin and raven curls.
Though something strange set her apart:
a ghost loved her with all his heart.  

London Miles Exhibition DEC 10

This is going to be amazing. Stop by if you're in the area :)

Photo's from Illustrious opening night

Aurora Marauder

I whispered to whales, in the sea foam, 
please bring me someone to take me home

Images courtesy of hungryeyeball